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Sunday 5 August – The good news of forgiveness

Today Barry started a short series on the good news of the gospel. What is it exactly that we are offered in exchange for allowing Jesus to direct our lives? He spoke about forgiveness – staggeringly good news to those who have started to realise just how high God’s standards of thought and behaviour really are! Listen to or download his talk here.
(Apologies for the sound quality – a significant part of our sound system had been relocated to a marquee on the field of the local secondary school for our annual holiday Bible club – VBS.)

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Sunday 22 July – Walking with God

Barry led off this Sunday with a reading from Psalm 1, but soon handed over to guest speaker Anthony who described some episodes from his own walk with God. While each of us has a different experience of the Christian life, it’s good to hear from one another and so gain a wider perspective of how God works in the lives of those who seek him. Listen to or download today’s talk here.

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Knowing God – in your own words

Since the beginning of May, most of our Sunday morning services have followed a series entitled Encountering God. The aim of this series has been to explore different ways in which we can connect with God, developing a relationship with him. This is often expressed as “knowing God personally”.
We’ve considered the following topics –

  1. Living with God
  2. Meeting God in Scripture
  3. Talking with God (prayer)
  4. Listening to God through the creation
  5. Hearing God through other people
  6. Seeking God in silence
  7. Sensing God’s presence
  8. Wrestling with God
  9. Walking with God

Now that we’re approaching the end of this series, I would be really interested to hear people’s views on this topic.
Most of us wouldn’t have seen or heard God with our physical senses, so what do we mean when we speak of knowing God personally? Is this language that you would choose for yourself? In your experience, is knowing God personally even possible? Whatever your personal story, it would be great to hear a little of your experience and the extent to which you feel “in touch” with God. What do you think we can or should aspire to as Christians?
Please offer your thoughts by adding a comment to this post!

Jonathan Burton

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Sunday 15 July – Seeking God’s justice

This week we looked at world issues of social justice, and the ease with which we focus on minor issues over which we can feel maybe a little self-righteous, while ignoring far wider issues where the most that we can do would be just a drop in the ocean. But what does God require of us? This was a mixed service of acted parable, multi-sensory prayer, and the spoken word. Download or listen here to what Rachel had to say as part of this service. You can listen to the song she mentions at the end via this link.

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Sunday 24 Jun – Sensing God’s presence

Today Peter Nodding covered the whole gamut of ways in which God by his Spirit makes his presence known to both believers and, sometimes, unbelievers. One thing is common across them all, however – God is sovereign and never subject to our control. Our responsibility is to be attentive to God’s initiative and prepared to go wherever obedience may lead. Listen to or download his talk here.

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Sunday 17 Jun – Hearing God through other people

Although she took the account of Nathan’s dressing down of King David as her text, Siobhan emphasised that often God does not speak so directly to most of us. Sometimes it can be an almost offhand remark from someone we know, but usually together with other indications that it is God who is trying to get a message through! Listen to or download her talk here.

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Sunday 10 Jun – Encountering God in silence

Despite the title, Jonathan’s chosen passage (1 Kings 19) dealt more with depression than silence, as God revealed himself to Elijah in a non-verbal manner at Mount Horeb. This story has lessons for all of us who find ourselves not always on the mountain tops. Listen to or download his talk here. The song from Kari Jobe that was played at the end of Jonathan’s talk cannot be included for copyright reasons, but may be found on YouTube.

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Sunday 3 Jun – Encountering God in creation

Today Jonathan talked about the ways that God has spoken to him through the natural world – or more accurately, the created order. It’s important to remember that no part of Creation is self-sufficient – everything exists only because God is paying attention to it. And if this is true, then nothing we encounter can be truly accidental. Sadly technical problems prevented our recording his talk, but you can download his sermon notes here.

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